For the fourth year in a row we’re preparing for CHI Pärnu competitions for Dressage riders, Show Jumpers & Drivers. As usual we will start with our show program at the last weekend of May.
Sandra Sysojeva - Found Boy / @ CHI Pärnu CDI-W vet inspection 26.05.2023 © Kylli Tedre-Gavrilov /

As per tradition since three years we will start CHI Pärnu 2024 with Dressage tests. On Friday, 24th of May, we are offering competing opportunities for national riders – after which, on Saturday & Sunday for International riders. During the weekend we will test the provess & nerve of the World Cup riders, U25, young riders, juniors, pony riders & children. As an update for the first year we have scheduled a bonus class for amateurs.

Ville Vaurio - G-Star @ CHI Parnu rahvuslik koolisoit & EHS karikasari. 28.05.2023 © Kylli Tedre-Gavrilov /

After dressage riders have fought out their best, on the very next Wednesday, 29th of May, we are welcoming Show Jumping riders in national levels and International riders for the pre competing veterinary inspection. The International Show jumping program unfolds from Thursday to Sunday when the program ends with the Longines Ranking Grand Prix giving world ranking points for the winners on obstacles height of 145cm. 

Petra Heikkinen - Oechie-K @ CHI Parnu / Jumping CSI2/CSI1 03.06.2023 © Kylli Tedre-Gavrilov /

On the same weekend with the Show Jumping classes CHI Pärnu will offer national & international classes on 2* & 3* levels for drivers. This year we will host two cup series. At the national level we will conduct the second round of the Estonian-Latvian joint series & at the international 2* level we are organizing the opening round of Estonian – Latvian  – Finnish cup.

Riina Roa - Pretty Girl @ CHI Parnu rakendispordivoistlus & Rakendispordi karikasarja II etapp / CAI3 03.06.2023 © Kylli Tedre-Gavrilov /

Our competition schedules will be shortly uploaded & available in FEI calender, aswell as in Estonian national Equestrian Federations channel Ratsanet.

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